We have a ‘Project Compassion’ box on our prayer table in the classroom. Students and teachers have been donating money but not many of us actually know who we are raising money for. This past week in Religion sessions the students have been investigating the work of the charity Caritas and how their fundraising campaign Project Compassion helps the lives of people in poverty all around the world!

pc box

Visit the student blogs to find out where their investigation took them. The links to their blogs are on the sidebar!

Miss Bek and Miss Rachel



Learning through doing is fun and engaging especially when it involves experiments. Yesterday the Seniors had Charlie from Hands On Science come out for an incursion. The purpose was to teach us how natural disasters occur though experiments and models.  We got to investigate a range of disasters from cyclones and tornadoes to earthquakes and volcanoes.


The incursion has left us thinking more about how amazing the earth is and how it is constantly changing. After yesterday’s sessions, what wonderings do you have now?




Do you know what the four sphere’s of the earth are and what they do?

This week the senior students were split into groups to investigate one of the four spheres; The Hydrosphere, The Atmosphere, The Biosphere and The Geosphere.

Each group were required to come up with a definition for the sphere, examples of the sphere, a new symbol for the sphere and a diagram for the sphere.

Check out the finished products…

finished posters

We have been left wondering…

  • Is one sphere more important than another?
  • Why are all the spheres named from Greek words? (atmo, hydro, geo and bio)
  • Is the cryosphere a sphere as well?
  • What impact do humans have on the spheres?

What a great start to our Inquiry this term, well done 5/6’s!

Miss Rachel and Miss Bek

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